Our Mission

The love of Jesus compels us to be a distincivley Christian COMMUNITY,

committed to the spiritual MATURITY of students,

and to positively IMPACT the FSU & TCC campuses, and beyond.



To reach as many people at FSU and TCC as possible.

Listen to Vance teach about our Vision from our 2009 Beach Retreat
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All students experience COMMUNITY – in dorms, apartment complexes, greek houses, clubs, teams, etc. But, not all campus community is Christian! Learning how to honor, respect, love, forgive and to be generous is distinctively Christian. To share hospitality is uniquely Christian. To live by a biblical standard of morals, ethics, and lifestyle is distinctively Christian. To resolve conflict is distincatively Christian. We have the unique opportunity to create an atmosphere where such community can be nurtured and experienced, in contrast to the typical college stereotypes.

During college, students transition from adolescence to adulthood. Career paths, life goals, habits and relationships are explored and determined. For many people, more changes occur during college than any other period of life. Unforunately, “MATURITY” is not a word often associated with stereotypes of college students. We have the unique opportunity to help students grow and mature – developing deep relationships with God, leading and serving, exploring callings and vocations, and developing Christian character.

We are increasingly asking the question, “What difference would it make to FSU & TCC if the Wesley Foundation ceased to exist?” We obviously value what we do for ourselves. But, what IMPACT are we making on the campus? According to Scripture, we are blessed to be a blessing. We are salt and light. We are the leaven in the bread. We are the aroma of Christ. These are all metaphors to impacting others with the message of God’s love in Jesus Christ. In recent years we have worked hard to invite students to our ministry and to offer hospitality to those who come. But, we are more and more aware that most students will never come to us. Our calling is to find ways to positively impact students where they are.

This is our calling. This is our vision. God is already blessing it. But, as we are faithful to it, the best is yet to come!