Leadership Team

LEADERSHIP APPLICATION 2014-2015 (due Feb 3, 2014)

LEADERSHIP COVENANT 2014-2015 (need to sign when you apply)


In addition to our pastor, director, assistant directors, and residential staff we have over 100 students on Leadership. We know that one of the best ways to get students plugged in is through serving in different areas in the ministry. We have teams of people ranging in ministries from missions to intramural sports, from food to prayer ministry. Each person in leadership has signed a leadership covenant committing themselves to live a life that is honoring to God.  There is a place for everyone to serve at Wesley!


Who can be on leadership at Wesley?

  • Anyone can!  To us, leadership is service.  If you have a heart to serve then you have a heart for leadership.

In what ways can I lead at Wesley?

  • There are a variety of ways, just know there is a place for you!  If you want to know specifics, you can download the Leadership Application and read the description of each Leadership Team.

When can I apply to be on Leadership?

  • Leadership Applications are out and are due February 3.

Do I have to wait to be on Leadership at Wesley before I serve?

  • Absolutely not!  You can start serving and being a part of a ministry at anytime.