Office Staff

Meet the FSU Wesley Foundation Office Staff:


will2Will Newton – Director
Will Newton – Director will@fsuwesley.comWill graduated in April 2013 with a degree in Creative Writing and Religion from Florida State University. He enjoys meeting new people, drinking coffee, playing disc golf, playing his guitar and singing, and working on his beard. He has a wealth of knowledge and loves having conversations with people about what they believe. And he likes the state of Indiana a lot.

Ivan Myers




Ivan Myers, Assistant Director of Missions Ivan Myers graduated from Florida State University in 2012 and served as an intern for the 2012-13 school year. Ivan loves sports, football, playing sports with friends, watching sports, FSU, intramurals, Chubbies, and sports. He has a passion for Guatemala and learning Spanish, and loves hanging out with people. His motto for hanging out is “the more, the merrier!” Also, he knows literally everything about FSU sports and owns Seminole pants.

Jimmy McKinnell - Assistant Director of Ministries

Jimmy McKinnell

Jimmy McKinnell- Assistant Director of Ministries  Jimmy graduated from Florida State University in 2013 and interned at Wesley from 2013-2014. Jimmy has 2 degrees in Environmental Science and Spanish, and is very passionate about both. He likes to wear Chacos, be outdoors and eat Chipotle, and absolutely will be able to make you laugh. He is passionate about experiencing Jesus through service.

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell – Assistant Director of Communications Sarah graduated from Florida southern college in 2012 with a degree in graphic design. She was very active in campus ministries and her sorority. This is her 3rd year as Assistant Director at FSU Wesley. Sarah loves iced coffee from Dunkin donuts and randomly quotes YouTube videos. #boom Wait…what?


Sarabeth Soule

Sarabeth Soule - Assistant Director of Outreach 

Pam Webb

Pam Webb – Office Manager

Pam Webb- Office Manager pam@fsuwesley.comLovingly known as Ms. Pam, she has been our wonderful Office Manager since 2004. Ms. Pam has been married to her husband Mark for almost 25 years and has two young daughters, Ashley, 19, and Lizzie, 17. Her favorite feeling in the world is hearing laughter and seeing smiles from her family. In her free time Ms. Pam likes to work in the yard, spending time with her family and friends, and shopping!