Vance with tiger in Africa

Pastor: Vance Rains

A Message from Vance:

My name is Vance Rains and I am the Pastor of the Wesley Foundation. I want you to know that my heart, passion, and calling is to make Jesus Christ known to everyone at Florida State University. I want every student to know that God loves them, there is a place where they will be accepted, and that there is a way of life that both honors God and is totally fulfilling for us. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, we all get lonely, and we all wonder if there is a purpose for our lives. The Wesley Foundation is a place to join with other students on the same journey, seeking and finding God together. I want you to know that God loves you and we can help you discover His plan for your life!

So, I hope you will come to the Wesley Foundation so we can meet and become better acquainted – we can worship and pray together, eat together, laugh and play together, and find God in the middle of all of it! All are invited. All are welcome.

There’s a place at Wesley for everyone – including you!