Residential Staff

Ben Spangler

Christian Rincon








Corey Vevera

Cristina Batista

Elizabeth Kaufmann








Emily Erndl

Erin Donovan

Ivan Myers








Jimmy McKinnell

Juan Aguilar

Kenny Cooper








Morgan Applegate

Sammy Smith

Skye Beaty








Will Newton

Zac Burke

Zach Spoerl








Residential Staff is comprised of students who live on property, and recent grads who are staying on a year to help out, serving as interns.

The staff is here for you. Their apartments are open for you. If there is anything you need, whether it’s a ride to the grocery store or a person to talk to, they’re here 24/7. Please, don’t be intimidated to go on in. Meet these awesome servants and gain as much as you can from them.