Daily Readings

We want to know Jesus more and we know that the way God has provided us to grow in that is through the Bible. We want to become people who live and feed off of God’s word. We want this to become a daily part of our community’s life. But, we all struggle with this. Sometimes we don’t know where to start when reading the Bible. Ever tried to just open the Bible to see where it leads you? You know, Bible “Russian Roulette?” Sometimes, if you finish one book of the Bible you become stagnant because you don’t know where to go next. It is SO easy to loose focus, to become inconsistent, and to not make Bible reading a major part of our lives. Sometimes all we need is just a little direction. This semester, we have provided a Daily Bible Reading Plan for everyone to have. It will take you all the way through the Fall Semester with the Memory Verses we are all going to remember together. Download it, print it out, and stick it in your Bible. It’s that easy. Enjoy!

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Fall 2013 Daily Readings

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