We believe in the power of prayer to change us and the world.  That’s why we have a 24/7 Prayer Chapel that is open to everyone to come and seek God in a creative way.  Not used to praying?  Never prayed before?  Don’t worry.  Prayer is not for the experts but those still have something to learn.  There are plenty of ways to experience prayer in the Chapel.  Prayer through stillness.  Prayer through art.  Prayer through music.  Prayer through dance.  Come and experience God’s presence for yourself!

Prayer Team meet on

  • Sunday mornings at 10am to pray for Sunday Service

Anyone can come!  See you there!


Where is the prayer chapel?

  • It is located right next to the Fellowship Hall.  If you don’t know where Wesley is, go to our Where We Meet page.

How do I get in the Prayer Chapel?

  • There are two doors.  The front door is accessible 24 hours a day with a code.  If you don’t know the code, stop by during the day to ask someone how to open it.
  • The second door is open from 8am-Midnight and is on the side of the Chapel under the balcony of the Fellowship Hall

Can I play music in the Prayer Chapel?

  • Yes.  We have a hook up for an MP3 player, a cd player and a piano for worshiping.  We ask that you not use the piano or the chapel for general music practice.