Sunday Worship Service

Every Sunday Morning @ 11:00 AM in the Chapel of the Upper Room (the Bombshelter)


If there were three words to sum up our Sunday  worship experience, they would be Love, Community, and Hospitality.

Sunday Service at Wesley

Sunday Service at Wesley

On Sundays the congregation is encouraged to work especially hard at providing a place for people to come and be loved. So many people in this world have been to church or grown up in church, but have never truly found the love of Christ abounding within a body of believers. As the church we are called to be a city on a hill, a light in dark places, a place where people can come to feel loved and accepted. We gear all our energy to this aim for our services. We believe God has called all of us to a ministry of hospitality and that none should be ignored or rejected.

We hope you will join us on Sunday Mornings at 11:00 am for a time of worship, a time of community, and a time to be loved by God and His church.



What should I wear?

Whatever you feel the most comfortable in.  Most people wear jeans and a t-shirt.  Be yourself!

Where do I go?

The Chapel of the Upper Room or as we call it, the CUR.  Or as everyone at FSU knows it, the Bombshelter.  Go to our Where We Meet page for directions.

Is There Parking?

Yes but limited.  It fills up fast.  We suggest parking in one of the many FSU student lots around Jefferson St. and Pensacola St.  Don’t worry about towing or fees on Sundays, FSU only enforces parking during the work week.

What should I expect?

Sunday Service starts at 11am and usually finishes around 12:20pm.   Our band is loud and awesome.  Vance’s sermons run from 30min-45min (don’t worry, you won’t get bored).  We serve communion each week.  You don’t have to be a memeber of Wesley or Methodist to take communion.

Is there coffee?

Is this a college town?  Yes! Don’t shy away tea-drinkers, we also have tea. We even have hot chocolate!